Gail Kenning and Cathy Sydney Design

Dr Gail Kenning, University of Technology Sydney (AUS) and Professor Cathy Treadaway, Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) are both artists and researchers working on an international research collaboration called HANDS: Helping Assist with New Devices for Seniors. This research aims to contribute to the call for an international response to the global challenge of dementia highlighted by WHO and the G8 following the Dementia Summit held in December 2013 in London.

The approach to the work is person centred and inclusive. The researchers value playfulness as a fundamental ingredient of wellbeing throughout the life course, for all – not just children – and creativity as a basic human need.

We are looking for supporters who can contribute their expertise to the project; opportunities to engage with care facilities and people with dementia, their families and carers and anyone who is able to help make connections and build networks of interested people.

Our intention is to co-design, make together and be inspired by those who have skills and experience of working with people with dementia so that what we create is exciting, fun, yet relevant and safe.

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